411 on the Chatroom

First-time chatters please read the Etiquette section first so you will know what is expected, then jump in!

Chat Slang

BTW (By The Way) learning some common chat slang terms will help you interpret others chat and let you do your own posts a little faster. While certainly not necessary, it can be somewhat helpful and fun.

 24/7- all day
 IMCO- in my considered opinion
 2MI- too much information
 IMHO- in my humble opinion
 411- information
 JS- just saying
 AAP- always a pleasure
 JIC- just in case
 AFN- all for now
 LL&P- live long and prosper
 ASAP- as soon as possible
 LMK- let me know
 b-day- birthday
 lol- laughing out loud
 BCNU- be seein' you
 NB- please note
 BOTD- benefit of the doubt
 NRN- no reply necessary
 BTW- by the way
 O&O- over and out
 BW- be well
 OMG- oh my gosh
 CFN- ciao for now
 p/w- password
 cuz- because
 pls- please
 D/C- don't care
 POTB- pat on the back
 DIL- daughter-in-law
 QQ- quick question
 DMI- don't mention it
 SIL- son-in-law
 FGS- for goodness sake
 SO- significant other
 FTTB- for the time being
 SOW- speaking of which
 GGG- gotta get a grip
 thx- thanks
 GTR- got to run
 TTFN- ta-ta for now
 hehe- laughing
 TTYL- talk to you later
 HTH- hope this helps
 YSW- yeah, sure, whatever

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  • COPD-Support - the Chatroom

    * Sorry, CHAT is NOT currently available due to technical difficulties.

    The Chatroom mimics actual conversation. However, instead of speaking to one another, you type at your keyboard. It is online conversations in real time where everyone who is logged in sees what everyone else is typing.

    There are designated hosts; a chat schedule is posted here every Sunday; and an email is sent daily to the COPD Email List with a schedule for the following day.

    To join in chatting, check the Schedule below, then if the time is right, click the appropriate link to go to the chat login page. chat login

    In the first box type your name followed by a dash
    then State/Country/Province
    (ex. Jane-TX).
    Doing so lets other chatters know where you're from and it gives a basis to open conversations.

    You can ignore the password space, it's for hosts only.
    chat login

    Then check the box marked
    Log in as guest, and finally, click on Login. That's it.

    When you arrive at the login screen, you can add to your favorites for easy return.

    Glad to have you join in!

    click here to enter the Chatroom when on your pc
    If you experience any difficulty, you can check here to see if you have the appropriate software.

    You can also try the link below.

    click here to enter the Chatroom when on your mobile devise

    If you have tried both the links above and are still experiencing difficulties, next look at the FAQs below.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    If you are still experiencing difficulties check here, someone else may have encountered the same problem and have a solution for you.

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    Q: I clicked on "click here to enter the chatroom when using a pc"
    (I am using my pc) filled in the next screen and clicked on login, but nothing happens. Can you tell me what's wrong?

    A: Do you have Flash installed on your pc? The Chatroom has implemented technology based on Flash (vs. Java). Windows, MAC and Linux users can run Flash.
    You can check here to see if you have Flash and download it if you don't
    Check for Adobe Flash Player (plus download instructions).

     If you have Flash installed and are still experiencing problems you can send us an email - we'll do our best to help.

    click here to send a question to the Chatroom Management team

    Q: A friend that I met in the Chatroom, uses her Android phone by clicking on "click here to enter the chatroom when using a pc". She says that provides a better experience. How can I use the pc entry from my Android phone?

    A: You can use the pc entry if you install Flash on your Android device.
    Adobe Flash Player is no longer available in Google Play Store for downloading. However, Android users can download and install Flash Player from the Archived Flash Player versions page.
    This next link tells how to to get the correct download (when in doubt, use version - 2nd on the list of the Flash Player for Android 4.0 archives). It also has a video which shows the steps for manually Installing Flash Player on Android devices.

    Here is another helpful article from PC Advisor which might assist you...
    How to add Flash to a phone or tablet, and
    here is the link the article refers to - Download - android flash player apk

    There is also a YouTube video with instructions...
    How to Install Adobe Flash Player on Android Phones

    There is no Flash for IOS/iPAD, so those users will always have to use the mobile entry.

    Q: How do I leave the Chatroom without leaving my name behind?

    A: At the top right hand corner there is a small black X. It is hard to see because of the coloring but if you roll across it, it turns orange and you can click then.

  • Chat Schedule

    The chatroom is provided for people involved with COPD to chat with other COPD people and hosts are available to assist chatters during specific hours of the day. However, hosts are not required; all are encouraged to go to the chatroom any time it is open - you may well find others in there. The chatroom is open every day, almost all day - closed only from midnight to early morning (when spammers are active during the witching hour).

    We also have a daily Mobile Chat Schedule if you are using iPad/iPhone or Android device.

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    Chat Schedule

  • Listed times are for the start of the hosted chats that are one hour long
        10:30 am ET
       9:30 am CT
       8:30 am MT
       7:30 am PT
       3:30 pm UTC
      2:00 pm ET
      1:00 pm CT
    12:00 am MT
    11:00 am PT
      7:00 pm UTC
      7:00 pm ET
      6:00 pm CT
      5:00 pm MT
      4:00 pm PT
      12    am UTC
     11:30 pm ET
     10:30 pm CT
      9:30 pm MT
      8:30 pm PT
      4:30 am UTC
    Monday   Open   Open   Joyce-ON   Traci-NE
    Tuesday   Open   Open   Open   Open
    Wednesday   Open   Open   Joyce-ON   Open
    Thursday   Open   Open   Open   Open
    Friday   Open   Open   Open   Traci-NE
    Saturday   Open   Open   Open   Traci-NE
    Sunday no scheduled chats

  • Time Zones

      Quick Reference
     3am Eastern We use WorldTimeZone.com for our time zone reference.
    08.00 UTC If you don't find what you need on the map below,
     8am London you can find more detailed information on their web site.
    10am Isreal
    12pm Baghdad Click here to access WorldTimeZone.com - US time zone map
    1:30pm Kabul Click here to access WorldTimeZone.com - World time zone map
    4pm Singapore Click here to access WorldTimeZone.com - Military time zone map
    7pm Sydney Click here to access EveryTimeZone.com - zones in relation to yours
     on the same day! Click here to access WorldTimeBuddy.com - a time converter app

    USA Time Zones:

    Pacific Standard Time   Mountain Daylight Time   Central Standard Time   Eastern Standard Time

  • USA time zones map and current time
  • Chatroom Etiquette

    The policies for behavior in the chatroom are basically the same as for all COPD Support programs.

    Keep in mind, because of the popularity of chats, the number of visitors to the chatroom fluctuates, and a little common sense and common courtesy will go a long way toward helping make the Chatrooms enjoyable for all.

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    Chatroom Etiquette
    • In order to keep the chatroom a pleasant and enjoyable experience where you can relax, make new friends, while being helpful to new visitors, please keep in mind the following points:

      1. Newcomers to chat should always be given priority. The host should take the lead in welcoming them promptly. Try to make them feel comfortable and settled in the chatroom. You will want to check if they have questions and try to answer them. If their questions are very complicated or technical, suggest they present them to the COPD-Support e-mail list. Always give the newcomer the COPD-Support website address. www.copd-support.com and encourage them to subscribe, pointing out the advantages of education about COPD. Advise newcomers that we are not medical professionals.

      2. Try not to monopolize the screen with too much chat. Give others a chance to express themselves. Just as in other programs of COPD Support, in chat we avoid the topics of religion, sex, race and politics. No flaming or vicious gossip is allowed. The repeated use of caps (shouting) is offensive in most chat rooms and will not be tolerated. Offenders may be banned from the Chat Room.

      3. You can have lots of fun in chat, but please remember that the primary purpose is to help those in need. If someone comes in with questions, or needing reassurance or comforting, please give them your immediate attention. This applies to persons with COPD along with caregivers to persons with COPD.

      4. Remember that we are not medical professionals. You should consult your medical team for your personal medical needs.
  • Chatroom Protocols

    Chat Types:

    Unless stated otherwise, all chats are an Open Chat, which is neither subject limited nor controlled by special protocols.

    A Topic Chat is where a subject, the topic, has been pre-selected for the chat session.

    A Focused Chat is where a relevant subject is raised during the chat session.

    Both the Topic and Focused Chats are controlled by special protocols - hosts apply special rules to insure the subject is addressed without disruption.

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    Special Protocols for Topic & Focused Chats

    The following special protocols may be called upon by the Host during Topic or Focused chat sessions. They establish measures so that the host can provide the maximum amount of information and answer the most questions during the time allotted. A non hosted free chat session will be held immediately after the close of any subject session for those who may want to visit with their neighbors. This protocol is similar to others used in online classrooms. Essentially, during subject oriented chat, the host has the floor at all times and no one is allowed to speak unless called on. There are no greetings to late arrivals nor are private messages to the entire group allowed.

    There is a system (protocol) for indicating your desire to talk.
    The Host will advise when protocol rules are in effect and when they are lifted.
    During protocol, you must be recognized by the host to speak.

    ?     If you want to ask a question, type a question mark and send to the group.

    ??   If you want to make a follow-up question on the answer being given,
             type a double question mark and send to the group.
      (The host may not acknowledge your question at this time if they need to move on)

    !      If you want to make a comment, type an exclamation point and send to group.

            After being recognized, you may ask your question or comment to all participants and after that is answered, you may ask one more question or make one more comment regarding the original question. If you have an unrelated question or comment, you must wait until it is your turn again.

    //   After you have directed your question or comment to the group,
            send a double slash to let everyone know that you are through.