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COPD-Support Community


COPD-Support provides a variety of programs where patients and caregivers can connect with others, sharing ideas and experiences - the unofficial information that is so valuable in day by day living. We all need and depend on the official medical advice provided by doctors and medical staffs but when we get back home we always have more questions. Our programs provide ways to ask those questions and get answers - they are information exchanges similar to family discussions over the dinner table, the coffee break where co-workers share techniques they have found that improve things, or the sharing of useful experience that takes place whenever friends get together.

We are here to communicate with one another; to share ideas and knowledge; to support one another; and by doing so promote a longer, better-quality of life.

This web site and our COPD programs have been put together by individuals with COPD or COPD caregivers. While we believe that our accumulated experience has value, and a unique perspective, you must accept it for what it is...the work of COPD patients. We vigorously encourage individuals with COPD to take an active part in the management of their disease. They do this through education, and by sharing information and thoughts with their primary physician and pulmonoligist; remembering that medical decisions are based on complex medical principles and should be left to the medical practitioner.