Declaration of our Policies
Please read before subscribing to any of our programs...

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  COPD-Support Policies

All of our policies and programs were established to provide support, education, and a platform for the sharing of ideas and solutions.

Management reserves the right to restrict posting privileges or terminate any subscription; for any reason, when in the opinion of management, such action is in the best interests of the organization.

  • While we want our programs and messaging to be as open and lively as possible, there are a few rules of netiquette that we apply and insist on:

  • Courtesy and Civility  This is often the biggest problem on mailing lists and other programs where individuals must exchange views. Remember that this is first, and foremost, a support and information resource. We are here to help each other - not call names or make snide remarks. So-called "flame" messages, or other acts of intolerance will not be permitted. If you are really upset about something that has been said, "sit on it" for a day or two. Then, if you still feel a need to "talk", reply privately - not to the full list or group. Try to never make an honest disagreement personal, and remember that there are controversial issues regarding emphysema and emphysema treatment. They are controversial because there is no absolute answer, and we must respect both sides of an issue, as well as those who believe in one side or the other.

  • Off-topic and Private Conversations  Off topic offerings are allowed but should be offered as flavoring - not the main course. Private, two or three sided conversations carried on by mailings to the list show poor judgment. Our programs foster many good friendships, which is one of its many benefits. But please keep private conversations between a few people private - send them directly to one another.

  • Commercial Posts  Are not permitted. Subscribers are certainly free to express opinions about commercial products, medicines and the like. However, strictly commercial messages are a no-no. A commercial message is defined as a recommendation or information of any sort that could result in self-gain by the individual making the recommendation or providing the information.

  • Copyrighted Material  It is illegal for anyone to post copyrighted material without the express consent of the owner of the material.

  • Controversial Subjects  Politics, religion, explicit sexual jokes, jokes with a religious theme, and other such controversial or potentially offensive subjects are always difficult among a large group of people. Therefore these subjects should always be avoided when communicating within any of our programs. This restriction includes the signature tag at the end of message.

  • Advocacy  While a cure for emphysema or other COPD conditions is important and while we are all concerned with how government is dealing with issues surrounding these diseases our programs are not a suitable venue for such discussions. Please remember that our purpose is to provide information and support - not a place for advocacy.

  • Privacy  The audience for our programs that require subscription is intended to be for subscribers to that program alone. Thus posting content from this list to other sources violates this sense of trust and privacy. Likewise, posting private messages from an individual or from another list to any of our lists without the specific permission of the author also violates our privacy policy. The key thing to consider is whether or not anyone's privacy has been compromised without their specific permission.