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  1. Living with COPD
  2. How your Lungs Work
  3. Excercise and COPD
  4. Respiratory Excercises
  5. Pursed Lip Breathing
  6. Belly Breathing
  7. What is Spirometry?
  8. COPD: How and What to Eat
  9. Nutrient Dense Foods
  10. Manage acute SOB
  11. Sitting to Standing
  12. Energy Conservation
  13. Managing Breathlessness
  14. How to use your Nebulizer
  15. Exome Sequencing Project

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This film is about living an active, positive life with the handicap of severe COPD / emphysema and the need to use supplemental oxygen. It is also about living fully with any condition at any age. Even though you have the physical problem, you are still free to choose your attitude about it. Breathe easy...

How your lungs work from the LungFoundation of Australia

Dr. Roger Goldstein explains why exercise is so important for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) on behalf of the Canadian Lung Association.

Respiratory Muscle-Strengthening Excercises

Learn how to use the pursed lip breathing technique - the American Lung Association

Belly Breathing (Diaphragmatic) - the American Lung Association

What is Spirometry? From the Canadian Lung Association

COPD: How and What to Eat

Choosing Nutrient Dense Foods from NIH National Institute on aging

Managing an acute episode of SOB (Shortness of Breath)

Sittiing to Standing

Managing Your Fatigue and Energy Conservation from LungFoundation Australia

Managing Your Breathlessness from LungFoundation Australia

Using a Nebulizer - from the Office of Veteran's Affairs

Exome Sequencing Project - hope for the future