Welcome to the COPD-Support Family of COPD Support Programs. We hope that you find our service of value in your life. All of our programs were established to provide support, education, and a forum for the sharing of ideas and solutions in dealing with COPD.

You may hear our veteran subscribers refer to the programs as "The List". Actually in addition to the List, there are multiple programs which, like the list, enable subscribers to communicate with each other electronically. Whenever possible you are encouraged to introduce yourself to the group and tell us all a little about yourself and why you are interested in the program for which you may subscribe. That way, the other subscribers will know how best to help you and/or establish a dialog with you.

Management reserves the right to restrict posting privileges or terminate any subscription for any reason when in the opinion of management, such action is in the best interests of the organization. (See Policies.)



COPD MAIL LIST  As mentioned, the mail list is available in two formats REGULAR or DIGEST. REGULAR is as-they-are-posted e-mail messages and DIGEST is compiled e-mail messages containing all the messages of the day. To keep files sizes acceptable for all ISPs, DIGEST is sent out in sections, two or three a day depending on the volume and size of mail. COPD list contains COPD posts and also accepts posts concerning most any subject that is in good taste and does not otherwise violate the restrictions set forth in our Policies. To subscribe to the COPD Mail List click here.

COPD-CAREGIVERS MAIL LIST   - is a special list for the dedicated folks who find themselves in the position of being caregivers for a loved one with COPD. This List may be joined in conjunction with the COPD list above or completely separate. (Note: This caregivers list is for caregivers only - not for patients.)   Click here for more information and to subscribe to COPD-CAREGIVERS Mail List.

COPD FORUM   - The COPD Forum is available from our web site and provides another means of communicating questions to others concerning COPD and related health matters. Many prefer this form of communicating, asking questions and sharing. You may visit the forum by clicking here.

COPD CHATROOM   - Designated hosts are in the chatroom seven days a week at some 50 sessions. Most sessions are called COPD Open Chat which means that most any subject in good taste may be discussed except those expressly prohibited by our policies. Some sessions are Focused Chat where only COPD subjects may be discussed - no miscellaneous chatter. On occasion, there is a Topic Chat where only the subject topic may be discussed - no greetings nor miscellaneous chatter. Topic Chats frequently have guest speakers or special hosts to cover a particular subject concerning COPD or related health matters. The schedule is posted every Sunday for the entire week and located on our web site as the Chatroom Schedule and the links to the chatroom are contained on our site from the Chatroom Page.

COPD-Watch   The COPD-Watch Program is a program that has been designed for those individuals who live alone or feel the need to otherwise have daily contact with other individuals who have COPD. Individuals are assigned to groups of 6-10 and there are very specific check in requirements in order to remain in the program. The program is not intended to provide information or support to others although it is often a side benefit. Individuals who join the program are required to provide information concerning themselves and an emergency contact that does not live with them in the event that they miss check in and the group can not establish that contact. The group leader then notifies management who has the information furnished and contact is attempted. In the event contact fails, the authorities are advised with a request to perform a health and welfare visit. Click here for more information and to submit a request to join the COPD-Watch Program.

SmokeNoMore PROGRAM   - The SmokeNoMore Program was developed to provide the support network for those individuals who wish to stop smoking and prefer to receive their support from friends on the computer rather than (or in addition to) formal face-to-face gatherings. While the program was developed for use by individuals afflicted by Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and sponsored by COPD-Support, Inc., the program is open to any individual who wants to trod the path to freedom from smoking. The role of the SmokeNoMore Program is to provide a daily contact with these individuals, broken down into small teams, and to offer support, encouragement, and information on how to access other resources. No magic bullets here, but for the individual who is ready to do the most important thing that they can do in the fight to slow down the progressive nature of COPD, then this might just be the answer. Click here for more information and to submit a request to join the SmokeNoMore Program.

WEB LINKS PROGRAM   - Volunteers spend a great deal of time searching web sites to provide a listing of premium sites providing information on COPD and related health matters. Our Links-Medical page also provides a search engine for searching the web, and a search engine for determining information on prescription drugs. Click here for the Links-Medical Page.

OTHER PROGRAMS   - There are additional programs have been created and are administered by individual subscribers. Though not managed by COPD-Support, they are highly recommended. Examples are the TLC Msg Book, Let's Get Fit, and Smiles of Sunshine. We also have links to sites created and maintained by COPD friends - go to Links-Friends


There is no charge for any subscription.   However, sponsorships, donations, and memorial gifts are greatly appreciated! The hosting of our lists by outside vendors and our other programs do cost money. These costs are paid by COPD-Support, Inc. which is the corporation established to provide the means to fund, administer and manage the Family of COPD Support Programs. Some subscribers and organizations help provide funds by joining the corporation as a member or with voluntary contributions. We would prefer, however, that new subscribers to any of our programs DO NOT contribute until they have at least 60 days with us. This will allow adequate time to determine if your subscription provides you with necessary and lasting support. While we certainly welcome such contributions, please do not believe that they are necessary. We're kind of like public television - contribute if you think we're performing a service that makes a difference in your life or the life of someone you love. If you're not sure, or can't afford it, then that's OK. Contributions are all used to defray direct costs of running the various programs. Individuals serving as Management are not paid for their time, labor, or the use of their computer equipment.

COPD-Support, Inc. has been recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a non profit organization under the definition provided in Internal Revenue Service Code 501(c)(3). As such, donations to the Corporation and membership dues may be tax deductible the same as other charitable organizations. Donations will be acknowledged by receipt and should be forwarded to:

COPD-Support, Inc.
c/o Janice L. Reynolds
85 Main St
Windham, ME 04062

For your convenience we have established an account with Pay Pal for donations, sponsorships or memorial gifts to the organization. Just click on the Pay Pal Logo.


A number of people have requested literature on COPD-Support - some simple way to describe our group to others and how to contact us. The following is the first - an 8.5x11 "flyer" you can leave at your doctor's office or give to someone who has a nose hose & 02 tank or asks about yours.

Copd-Support Flyer - an 8.5x11 page you can print out.


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