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Many of our members and subscribers have developed web sites which have the primary purpose of providing information which is of value to the quality of life of those of with this affliction.  Some of these sites include the human story of how COPD has affected their lives or how they cope with the disease.  Others are more specific in their approach, representing lay viewpoints concerning specific subjects which affect our well being such as exercise and diet. Others have absolutely nothing to do with COPD or related health issues. If you have developed a web site and we have missed listing it here, please let us know at: Management@copd-support.com

Indicates a web site that is primarily focused on COPD and related health matters.

Papapoo - Living With COPDBill Powell started his web site several years ago but did not change the theme to Living With COPD until July 1998.  (Bill's grandchildren called him papapoo.)  The site is a bit whimsical and focuses on the human side of COPD as well as advocating measures to improve the quality of life.  The site does take a serious approach to ensuring that readers understand that just because you may have COPD, that does not mean you have been given an immediate death sentence.  Then through comment, illustration,   humor, and "papapoo ponders",  provides the base of information on our affliction to guide the reader to more detailed and medically specific information from other sources.

Olivija's Place  You don't need a search engine just to find all the stuff that Olivija has on her web site.  She has searched it for you.. Olivija calls her information index for our affliction, "Olivija's COPD Resource" and is what you will find when you select "a COPDer" off her main page.  This is a good place to stop in and browse around because there is likely to be something for everyone here. Olivija also maintains a very extensive links page which refers to items which have been of interest to individuals with COPD. This page, which she calls her Bookmarks page, is one which probably should be bookmarked on your own browser and is located at http://www.olivija.com/lungs/.  As a side to her site, Olivija maintains a list of birthdays for members of our list although she does allow members of another list to which she belongs record their birthdays there too.  Our Family of COPD programs staff does not participate in verification or maintenance of her Birthday List. The birthday list as well as a link to a multitude of free electronic card vendors is located at http://www.olivija.com/birthday/

Portable Oxygen: A User's Perspective The Pete Wilson site is for the folks who must carry and use oxygen when they venture outside their homes. The site contains information gathered by a user from manufacturers, oxygen providers, and other users. If you are an oxygen user, you will find the information here will help you manage your own care.

Resources for Lung Health and Transplant Evaluation   Dave Mabo provides information on medical tests that they do for transplant, LVRS and Pulmonary Evaluation. Tools to help you survive your lung disease.

Ireland Michael McGloin built a personal/COPD support website in Ireland to help patients and families understand and cope with this debilitating disease.

AustraliaDavid Hendrikson's Switch offers a friendly place to visit with the emphasis on the positive side of living with COPD. It promotes an active forum for patients and caregivers in the hope that this will lead to a lot of useful information on living with lung disease. We hope all those using the forums find something of interest and make friendships along the way.

Fragranced Products Information Network This is a site owned by Betty Bridges, RN.  She has extensive information concerning products and the negative effect they have on individuals who react negatively to chemical products.  In her introduction she states, "Fragrance sensitivity is far from an isolated event. Perfumes and fragrances are known triggers for asthma, rhinitis, sinusitis, allergies, migraine headaches, and an array of symptoms for those that suffer from chemical sensitivities. When you consider these populations combined, the impact on health and the economy are significant".  Well worth the visit.

Kay's Collections: COPD Links and Our COPD Friends One is and one is not! That is, only one of these web sites is devoted to COPD: the other is a photo album of chatters who come to our copd-support chats. The photo album contains the story of how Kay and her husband, Bass, met in the Chat room. Her COPD Links point to works she considers important for those just starting out with their education regarding COPD. Write Kay Here. Note: Kay Bassman (Hall), Kaysok, passed away on September 12, 2012.

Living with COPD Karen Bastille's site is a continuing "work in progress" as she goes about the business of living her life while learning to live with COPD. She includes Carolyn-MI's collection of prime COPD messages frequently posted for newcomers. She keeps adding personal stories from people with COPD and good COPD web sites. Also, check out her Mystic Journey journal, a recounting of her weekend away.

Caregiving is NOT for Wimps. Wendy of our Caregivers group provides this site as a good resource and sounding board for Caregivers. Caring for a loved one with a serious illness takes strength, courage, and love. Caregiving comes from the heart. What can we do? Share - share our stories and help each other get through this life-changing path.

Lori Palermo's Love Your Lungs, Breathe For Life website is in memory of her dad, Wayne and also in honor of the patients who struggle with lung disease every day of their life. In December 2003, her dad lost his 13 year battle to COPD/Emphysema; the debilitating disease in which her family knew nothing about. As a result of dad's death, she began researching and learning about Lung Disease; determined to help others, so they would not to go through the tremendous heartbreak that her family went through. Her website contains stories and articles designed to educate and support patients with lung disease along with their families and caregivers.

Diane's Links to Recovery   Diane Bell's site is for all people affected by alcoholism or drug addiction, particularly family members and friends of addicted folks. There is hope and help is only a click away. You will find links, inspiration, recovery articles, a COPD section, and more. Come visit!

Pet Photography features photography and a dab of artwork by Bee Branch.
In 2000, Bee decided to use the free time provided by COPD to return to music & begin learning a few new instruments. Hear the resultant weekend living room band's recordings at Slightly Irregular 2003 or at Not Half Bad 2002 Instrumentals. The group changed names in 2003, when vocals were added. Thanks to copd-support.com folks (especially Kay) for inspiring Bee to try harmonica!

Please keep in mind that all websites listed above are owned and managed by individual members. COPD-Support, Inc has no control over the content presented at these websites, nor do we  judge the accuracy of any information presented.  As always, if anything pertains to your  health, please consult your own medical team for your own personal medical needs.

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