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  • the Forum

    From a technological standpoint, the Forum is a discussion board. You leave questions and receive responses.

    The Forum differs from the Chatroom in that messages are often longer, and are archived so you can search them.

    Registration is not required to view current topics on the Forum; however, if you wish to post a new topic or reply to an existing topic registration is required. Registration is free and only takes a few minutes. The only required fields are your Username, which may be your real name or a nickname, and a valid e-mail address. The information you provide during registration is never outsourced.

    Registration means you are agreeing to follow all our policies.

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  • Moderation

    Only a small number of forums are moderated, but this feature allows the Administrator or the Moderator to "Approve", "Hold" or "Delete" a users post before it is shown to the public.

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    What it means if a forum has Moderation enabled
    • Approve:
      Only the administrators or the moderators will be able to approve a post made to a moderated forum. When the post is approved, it will be made viewable to the public.

    • Hold:
      When a user posts a message to a moderated forum, the message is automatically put on hold until a moderator or an administrator approves of the post. No one will be able to view the post while it is put on hold.
      NOTE: Authors of the post will be able to edit their post during this mode.

    • Delete:
      If the administrator or moderator chooses this option, the post will be deleted and an e-mail will be sent to the poster of the message, informing them that their post was not approved. The administrator/moderator will be able to give their reason for not approving the post in the e-mail.
  • Email Notification

    The Subscription feature allows you to subscribe to the entire Board, individual Categories, Forums and/or Topics; you will then receive an e-mail notifying you of a post that has been made to the Category/Forum/Topic that you have subscribed to.

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    The four levels of subscription

    Board Wide Subscription
    If you can subscribe to an entire Board, you'll get a notification for any posts made within all the forums inside that board.

    Category Wide Subscription
    You can subscribe to an entire Category, which will notify you if there was any posts made within any topic, within any forum, within that Category.

    Forum Wide Subscription
    If you don't want to subscribe to an entire Category, you can subscribe to a single forum. This will notify you of any posts made within any topic, within that forum.

    Topic Wide Subscription
    More conveniently, you can subscribe to just an individual topic. You will be notified of any post made within that topic.

    Each level of subscription is optional. The administrator can turn On/Off each level of subscription for each Category/Forum/Topic. To Subscribe or Unsubscribe from any level of subscription, you can use the "My Subscriptions" link, located near the top of each page to manage your subscriptions.