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Here's a small list of Smileys that can be used in our plain text emails. They can be fun, if you wish to add tone to your posts.  (most are sideways)

@>--;--A rose
:-)Basic smile
(((H)))Big hug
:DBig smile
:o)Big nose smile
*<<<<+Christmas tree
:-!Foot in the mouth
o/\oHigh five
:-*Kiss on the cheek
:-9Licking lips
8:-)Little girl
:-#My lips are sealed
:-&Tongue tied
=):-)Uncle Sam

When you shop on, and select COPD-Support, Inc. as your charitable organization, Amazon will donate 0.05% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to support our programs. Thanks for your help!

  •   The COPD Email List

    The COPD List is an electronic mailing list, and our main program.
    Any member of the List may "post" to it, and, after the email is sent, it is redistributed automatically to all the List's subscribers.

    It is available in two formats, Regular or Digest.
    Regular is as-they-are-posted e-mail messages and Digest is a compiled e-mail message containing all the email messages of the day - to keep files sizes acceptable for all ISPs, Digest is sent out in sections, 2 or 3 per day depending on the volume and size of mail. If you are not computer-savvy, we recommend that you get your emails individually (Membership type: regular) rather than Digest delivery, they are much easier to read and respond to.

     Check your inbox after you submit your subscription, we will have sent you an email that you must reply to prior to you being added to our email list. This will prevent anyone else from enrolling with your email-id.  Also, please read the page that comes up after you click the Submit button for more hints. Thanks for your helping hand!

    Subscribing means you are agreeing to follow all our policies.

    click here to subscribe
    * see the notes below on how to best use features of the List

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  • Other Email Lists

    Once you have subscribed to the COPD Email List, you are eligible to subscribe to any of our other supplemental email support groups

  • Guidelines for Posting to the List

    Send your List emails To: COPD@HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM
    Emails should be sent in Plain Text - this is generally an option under the "Format Text" tab of your email program. Email with attachments, styled fonts and colors, and HTML coding can be treated as possible spam/viruses and rejected by the Mail List server or posted with a lot of garbage.

    Doing only the "Basic" is just fine for those new to the list.
    Our focus is COPD, not messaging expertise!

  •  box to see how to...(uncheck to show less)
    Create new basic email to the List

    Basic New Message:

    To send a new message to all currently subscribed to the list, just format your email as follows:

    Subject:   Your topic in a nutshell

    in the Body...   your question/message to the List

      Then press the Send.

    Reply to a post

    Click on the "Reply All" icon
    Type what you want to say in the Body of your new message

    delete these lines found at the very bottom of every List email,
    so there won't be multiple copies of the lines in your email

       and press send

    Replying to a post within a Digest delivery email

    Open the Digest email, use your cursor to highlight the message you are replying to and click on "Reply" icon.

    This will open a new email addressed to: COPD@HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM

    Depending on your email program, it will include a copy of what you highlighted. If, however, your new email contains the entire digest, you will need to delete everything above and below the message you are replying to, then add your response above it.

    Also, change the Subject: line to match the message you are replying to rather than "COPD Digest.......etc."

       and press send

    Description and Tips for your emails
    •   the Address line:

      "Reply All" sends your reply to the original poster and to the whole list.

    • To send just to the original poster, click on "Reply".

      To send just to the List, click on "Reply All" but then go to the address area of your reply message and delete the original poster's address.

      To reply to Digest messages or initiate a new message, you must manually enter COPD@HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM, or an individual's address, in the address line in your reply message.

      These last two "manual" entries are simple if you add COPD@HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM to your email program's Address Book/Contacts.
    •   the Subject line:

    • Most people quickly scan the subject lines in their inbox before deciding which messages are worth their time and attention.
      Choose the wording for your Subject line thoughtfully.

    • New messages and replies to messages received inside the Digest List, require manual entry in the Subject area of your message.
    •   the Message Body is largest area of the email
      where you type in what you want to say or ask.

    • If you are replying, quoting some of the original message is a big help for others to understand what the message is about.

    • Experienced computer users quote judiciously. They include just enough of the original text in their replies so readers can quickly understand the new message. They avoid over-quoting: including so much of the original that readers lose interest in the reply.

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  • How to make Subscription Changes

    Any change to your subscription such as new email-id, may be accomplished by sending an email to
    Just write the change you want in the body of the email and press Send.

    click here to send an email to List Managment requesting a change

  •  box to see...(uncheck to show less)
    Subscription changes you can make yourself
    • Temporarily stopping, and then restarting, mail delivery
    • Switching between Regular and Digest versions
    • Unsubscribing from the COPD List

      For all other changes such as changing your email address use the link above.
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  • Reading our Archives

    The COPD List is hosted on LSOFT, a large professional Mail List vendor. They maintain the searchable archives for the COPD List.

    A password is required as a security measure to make certain that only our subscribers are accessing the information. Thank you for your patience!

    click here to go to the COPD Archives Home Page on LSOFT

     box to see how to...(uncheck to show less)
    Set up your ListServ password

    • LSOFT requires a LISTSERVE password which takes a little fiddle to set up the first time (you click to send them the password, they send an e-mail back to you in order to verify you really are at the e-mail address you gave them, and then you re-try requesting access). This process may take 15 minutes but then your LISTSERVE password makes it easy for subsequent access. Your password is whatever you want it to be as long as it fits into the field provided. It works best if you have cookies enabled on your computer. If you do not have cookies enabled, you will need to enter your password each time you access the archives.

    • Tip for your first access of the Archive page - after entering your password, be sure to scroll down on the response screen; you might be on the Archive page and not realize it! Don't worry this can only happen the initial time you use your password, you won't have this problem ever again - we promise.

    Example picture of the COPD Archive page
    • This is a partial image of the COPD Archives page.
      Notice where the archives listing actually begins, after the listing of the Latest Messages.

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  • for our AOL Users

    If you are an AOL user, there is a problem if you rely on AOL to automatically add to your contacts list; and it is also possible your privacy settings may block our emails.

    AOL has automatically added to your contacts list, but this is not the email address that will be sending emails from the COPD-Support List to you.

    You cannot rely on the AOL automatic contact adds.
    You must add these two addresses manually to your Contacts List:


    Also check your privacy settings to make sure our emails qualify.

  •  box to see...(uncheck to show less)
    AOL help tips
    • Here is the AOL Help link and some potential questions you might wish to use for your search:

      How do I add contacts in AOL Mail?
      How do I unblock an email address in AOL Mail?
      How do I reset my mailbox settings in AOL Mail?

      Once you have added COPD@HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM, and to your contacts list, you should receive at least one e-mail daily (the Chat Schedule); if you do not, then you know your privacy settings are not correct.