IMPORTANT:  (just say NO!)

It's up to you whether an app gets access to everything from your device's sensors and personal information to notifications and cellular data. The first time an app wants to use something that requires permission, it has to ask you.

Many apps ask to have access to data or permission to perform functions they don't actually need; but this may not be about malicious apps designed to steal your data. It's often the result of lazy coding. Developers write apps that access everything because it's easier than writing more specific code, and it also paves the way for any future enhancements.

Because there is a large burden on the user, both to know which controls exist and how to use them, as well as to understand the implications and security concerns of the app, it is safest to say NO to permissions to location services (GPS), contacts, calendars, sending email, etc. If the app does not perform correctly because it is missing a core function of the mobile operating system, you can later change the app's settings to see if that corrects the problem.

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