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God Saw You Getting Tired
  Frances and Kathleen Coelho

God saw you getting tired,
And a cure was not to be.
So he put His arms around you
And whispered "Come to Me."

With tearful eyes we watched you
As you slowly slipped away
And though we loved you dearly
We couldn't make you stay.

Your golden heart stopped beating,
Your tired hands put to rest.
God broke our hearts to prove to us
He only takes the best.

A Psalm of Life
  by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Tell me not, in mournful numbers,
   Life is but an empty dream!
For the soul is dead that slumbers,
   And things are not what they seem.

Life is real! Life is earnest!
   And the grave is not its goal;
Dust thou art, to dust returnest,
   Was not spoken of the soul.

Not enjoyment, and not sorrow,
   Is our destined end or way;
But to act, that each to-morrow
   Find us farther than to-day.

Art is long, and Time is fleeting,
   And our hearts, though stout and brave,
Still, like muffled drums, are beating
   Funeral marches to the grave.

In the world's broad field of battle,
   In the bivouac of Life,
Be not like dumb, driven cattle!
   Be a hero in the strife!

Trust no Future, howe'er pleasant!
   Let the dead Past bury its dead!
Act,- act in the living Present!
   Heart within, and God o'erhead!

Lives of great men all remind us
   We can make our lives sublime,
And, departing, leave behind us
   Footprints on the sands of time;

Footprints, that perhaps another,
   Sailing o'er life's solemn main,
A forlorn and shipwrecked brother,
   Seeing, shall take heart again.

Let us, then, be up and doing,
   With a heart for any fate;
Still achieving, still pursuing,
   Learn to labor and to wait.

The End of a Perfect Day
by Carrie Jacobs Bond Song

When you come to the end
   of a perfect day,
And you sit alone with your thoughts,
While the chimes ring out with a carol gay
For the joy that the day has brought,
Do you think
   what the end of a perfect day
Can mean to a tired heart,
When the sun goes down
   with a flaming ray,
And the dear friends have to part?

Well, this is the end of a perfect day,
Near the end of a journey, too;
But it leaves
   a thought that is big and strong,
With a wish that is kind and true.
For mem'ry has painted this perfect day
With colours that never fade,
And we find, at the end of a perfect day,
The soul of a friend we've made.

In Loving Memory
  author unknown

God looked around his garden,
And saw an empty space.
Then he looked down here on earth,
And saw your loving face.

He put his arms around you,
And lifted you to rest.
His garden must beautiful,
Because he only picks the best.

A million times we'll miss you,
A million times we'll cry.
If loving could have saved you,
You never would have died.

In life we loved you dearly,
In death we love you still.
In our hearts you hold a special place,
No one could ever fill.

It broke our hearts to loose you,
But you did not go alone,
For part of us went with you,
The day God took you home.

We have someone
overlooking us each day

  by Cecil Montgomery

They are our friends that suffered with us
They now have passed the gate
   and on their way
They left us with guidance
   that we live by and trust

They each have a special place in our soul
these are our mentors and our loved ones
spirits that envelope us
   and make us whole
The knowledge and love that they left
   can't be undone

I see a name on a post
   that came from someones file
It was posted first many years ago
We each think that angel
   has been gone a while
Then a tear will form
   and only you and them will know

Our Angels are our source of strength
These were special people
   who now prepare for us
They will hold our space
   no matter what the length
Their souls have survived
   their body turned to dust

Carry On
 by Edgar A. Guest

They spoke it bravely, grimly,
   in their darkest hours of doubt;
They spoke it when their hope was low
   and when their strength gave out;
We heard it from the dying
   in those troubled days now gone,
And they breathed it as their slogan
   for the living: "Carry on!"

Now the days of strife are over,
   and the skies are fair again,
But those two brave words of courage
   on our lips should still remain;
In the trials which beset us
   and the cares we look upon,
To our dead we should be faithful
--we have still to "carry on!"

"Carry on!" through storm and danger,
   "carry on" through dark despair,
"Carry on" through hurt and failure,
   "carry on" through grief and care;
'Twas the slogan they bequeathed us
   as they fell beside the way,
And for them and for our children,
   let us "carry on!" to-day.

Turn Again To Life
  by A. Price Hughes
  and Mary Lee Hall

If I should die
   and leave you here awhile,
Be not like others,
   sore and undone,
Who keep long vigils
   by the silent dust, and weep.
For my sake -
   turn again to life and smile
Nerving thy heart
   and trembling hand to do
Something to comfort
   other hearts than thine.
Complete those dear
   unfinished tasks of mine
And I, perchance,
   may therein comfort you.

   who walked bravely before us and now watch over us


May 21 Karen Bastille
Mar 3 Jim Swedlow (Secretary Treasurer, Management)


June 7 Mary Jo Adams


Jan 7 Carole Mineault
Jan 6 Sharon Capps<>(LGF Leader)


Oct ? Edna Fiore<>(She was active in many COPD advocacy positions)
Dec 16 Bunny Music<>(Long time Volunteer, SOS, Birthday List)



Mar 20 Mary Palermo
Apr 21 Marvin Brewer
Jul 21 Dottie Palombo
Oct 04 Harry Brunner
Nov 17 Mary Rose Zens
Nov 24 Carolyn Fontaine
Dec 31 Peter Callinan


Feb 22 Bill Deitemeyer
Mar 09 Martha Jane Cunningham (Jane CAPS)
Mar 27 Charles Morello
Apr 04 Marty Minue
Apr 17 Barbara Bush
Sep 13 Morris Nyberg
Sep 14 Donald Jones
Nov 11 Elaine Marshall
Dec 02 Maryanne Jones
Dec 12 Fred Furr
Dec 16 Paul Williams
Dec 24 John Magna


Jan 09 Sharon Hamilton
Jan 16 George Wooster
Mar 11 Patricia O'Connell Torre
Mar 12 Elizabeth Sharff
Jun 13 Selma Kliceva
Aug 23 Izzy Kuehl
Aug 27 Maree Smirnow (Katzma)
Sep 04 Bobbie Jarrell
Dec 12 Donald Dark
Dec 13 Grover Higginbotham (Bo)


Jan 16 Harold Hammontree
Mar 11 Ida Mae Cohoon
Apr    Andy Koller
Apr 08 Carolynn Bates
Apr 18 Neville Leech
Jul 04 Martha Neely
Jul 14 David Lasky
Aug 01 Valerie Weeding
Oct 26 John Flynn
Dec 03 Heidi Noperi


Jan 10 Bill Hazelwood
Jan 19 Jad Packard (Dana)
Feb 02 Kimela Reynolds (Kim)
Feb 23 Kathy Smith
Apr Bonnie F. Antrim
Apr 01 Bill Snell
Apr 02 William Fuller
May 14 Tony Kanzia
May 17 Mary A. Paul
(Former Secretary and Board Member)
May 30 Paul Moretti
May 31 Nancy Yatsko
Jun 01 Chip Gatchell
(Editorial Advisory Board COPD Digest)
Aug 13 Penelope White
Sep 29 Cora Barber
Nov 26 Robert Haas


Jan 30 W. T. Williams (Bill)
Feb Kaye Lindsay
Feb 02 Linda Fisher (Jumilla)
Feb 06 Virginia Beauregard
Feb 13 John Windhorst
Feb 25 Carol Weber
Mar 27 Ruby Sandler
Mar 29 Willie Prinsloo
Mar 30 James Blake
Apr 08 Jim Mitchell
Apr 14 Bill Danielson
Apr 22 Kathy Montero (Brat)
May 06 Sara Wieczorch (Sadie)
May 08 Robert Moran (Bob)
May 15 Tony Hamel
Jun 05 Charlotte Larsen (Char)
Jul 30 Jude Lillie
Sep 21 Mabel Flowers Richard
Sep 23 George Warner
Sep 28 Ken Dolloff
Oct 06 Cecelia Kurdziel (Celia)
Oct 13 Julia Daly
Oct 26 John Bright
Dec 16 Colin Sherrill (Rusty)


Jan 11 Pamela Christiansen Carico
Jan 26 Terry Thompson
Feb 08 Dick Sanders (Okie)
Feb 26 Patricia Zucconi
Mar 10 Marsha Mosley
Mar 13 Colleen Burletic
Mar 22 Buck Brennon
May 07 Dick Brown
May 15 Joseph Mabo
Jun 15 Joan Costello
Jun 20 Alva Parker
Aug 12 Lois Dickson
Sep 16 Robert Siwik
Nov 30 Shirlee Lewis


Jan 12 Roy Shepperton
Jan 14 Roberta Collins
Jan 27 Ace Williams
Feb 22 Peche Radecker
Feb 24 E.B. West
Feb 28 Dick Hutchison
Feb 28 Bill Pryor
Mar 02 Wayne Behnke
Mar 21 Dorothy Jamison (Dot)
May 25 Dave Shelton
Jun 19 Vickie Brooks
Jun 20 Alva Parker
Jun 24 Kathy Bunch
Sep 12 Kay Hall Glensky (Kaysok)
Oct 22 Howard P. Ober
Nov 18 Mary Radawski


Jan 14 Patricia T. Black
Jan 15 Jean Burt
Feb 02 Frances Bowman
Feb 16 Sam Sympson
Feb 25 Mary Hohmann
Feb 28 Roger Lindberg
Mar 13 Mary M. Cramer (Midge)
Mar 31 Judy Acerrano
Apr 01 Peggy Frank
Apr 09 John Hillnan
Apr 17 James Kopulos
Apr 27 Pat Mason
Apr 30 Beverly Graham
May 12 Bruce Petro
Jun 02 Elsa Gertrude Waggoner (Fish)
Jun 11 Mary Martin
Jun 17 Sharon Anderson
Jun 26 Ken Hopkins
Jul 15 Mary F.Stewart
Jul 18 Joseph Knapp
Jul 24 John Sullivan
Sep 08 Jerry-TX
Sep 19 Patricia Steed
Sep 20 Kae Ruth
Sep 24 Collene Duhamel
Oct 13 Celia Danks
Oct 15 Don Soderstrom
Oct 31 Alan Barnes
Nov 19 Mary Beth Long
Dec 22 Vern Rodse
Dec 25 Dolores Baroway (Dee)
Dec 30 Barbara Jones
Dec 31 Bill Klink


Jan 09 Elois Gay Bonilla
Jan 13 Joe-PA
Jan 14 John E Grabowski
Jan 29 Allen Bloomquist
Feb 12 James Hawkins (Cotton)
Feb 16 Ralph Honeycutt
Feb 17 John Mansfield
Feb 22 John Margeotes
Feb 26 Bert Jackson
Mar 02 Sally Percey
Mar 05 Joe F. Wiest
Mar 16 Karen Ann Howerton Waller
Mar 18 Darlene Pusey
Apr 04 David Margolis
Apr 18 Orville Nichols
May 09 Craig R. Flahive
May 13 Ronald Moss
May 19 Adrienne Burnham
Jun 08 James Conroy
Jun 16 Boots Hamblen
Jun 30 Cheryl Lynn Mathers
Jul 14 Floy Jenkins
Jul 15 Randy Ash
Jul 30 Richard Hering
Aug 28 Denley Karlson
Sep 02 Kirwan Legg (Curly)
Oct 15 Patricia C. Bauer (Tish)
Oct 24 Alice Lutfallah
Oct 28 Patricia Ann McFarlin
Oct 29 Lilian Griffiths
Dec 20 Jo Mood
Dec 21 Mac McQuiston


Jan 11 Letris Regina Bridges (Jean)
Jan 23 Polly-NM
Mar 05 Sharon Diane Bell
Mar 06 James E. Stephenson
Mar 29 Norma Jeanne Gross
Apr 12 Joseph Ford
Apr 16 Dave Schumacher
May 07 Ruth DiTommaso
May 13 Leo Brady
May 30 Juan Hansel
Jun 05 Irene A. Genovesi
Jun 08 Camille Anderson
Jul 06 Marvin Kidle
Jul 25 Gretchen Marie
Aug 20 Carole Buehler
Sep 10 Alma M. Walker
Sep 20 Doratha S. Pancoast
Oct 07 Harold Hilton
Oct 15 Roger Ward Parks
Oct 24 Adrienne L Mansfield
Oct 28 Sandra Anderson
Oct 29 Dianne Proctor OAM
Nov 02 Robert Ruth
Nov 05 Darlene Fuerstenau
Dec 17 Nathan W. Snow
Dec 22 Oscar W. Smith Jr.


Jan 04 Joel Richey
Jan 07 Pasquale D'Onofrio
Jan 17 Dolores Mitchell
Feb 01 Sharon Lee Pierovich-Lekas
Feb 05 Mary Alice Link
Feb 07 Grace Martin
Feb 09 Bill Culver,MD
Feb 15 Joe Hendrix
Feb 19 Martha J. Winfree
Mar 03 Linda Carroll
Mar 08 Veronica Alanis
Mar 17 Ray Price
Mar 22 Janet Knight
Mar 27 Patrick Dooley
Mar 30 Roddy-NZ
Apr 03 Ratha Stearns
Apr 03 Dan Molden
Apr 04 Dolores Lively
Apr 05 H. Jean Quinn
Apr 17 Karen VonKaenel
Apr 22 Patricia Gelsleichter
Apr 28 Allan Goldston
May 01 Mary Elizabeth Coughenour
May 10 William Watts
May 16 Richard Holt
May 20 Donna Hizer
May 28 Don Erickson
May 30 Georgetta Dunn
May 31 Sarah Hutchinson
Jun 04 Mary Saylor
Jun 07 Edith Zepp
Jun 07 Barry Labbe
Jun 12 Papa John Mooney
Jun 24 Paula Ruth Esmond
Jun 29 Peter A. Michalozski
Jun 30 Ellen Gill
Jul 15 Marvin Goldberg
Jul 28 Betty Jo of Corn Country
Aug 09 Bev Pascalina Wade
Aug 10 William E. Lindstrom Jr.
Aug 12 Rosemary Powell
Aug 26 Ruth Greene
Aug 27 Frank Walker
Sep 07 Joe-Ireland
Sep 07 Inez J. Lefort
Sep 10 Rodney Stewart
Sep 12 Mary Lou Davis Erwin
Sep 28 Sandy Riggs
Oct 01 David W. Hudson
Oct 04 Marie McGrath
Oct 16 Mitch Webber
Nov 01 Jim Warren
Nov 13 Barbara Brindley
Nov 17 Mary Reid
Nov 21 Therese Verville
Nov 25 Dennis KS
Nov 26 Sierra Sue Hildebrand
Dec 04 Adrian E. Murray Sr.
Dec 09 Lt. Col retired L. B. Jackson
Dec 26 Bruce Kenneth Lambertson
Dec 31 William Frank Ford
Dec 31 Kenneth Goldfuss
Dec 31 Harrison McCawley


Jan 02 Billie Landrum
Jan 02 Leon Anderson
Jan 04 Paul E. Snyder
Jan 06 Nancy Harris
Jan 16 Joyce Marie Dudley
Jan 19 Katherine Douglas
Jan 22 Margaret M. Collins (Marge)
Jan 29 Jean Rowan Tucker
Jan 31 Ron O'Kane
Feb 05 Bonnie Jamieson
Feb 05 Ronald Couthran
Feb 08 Myrna Smith
Feb 16 Jim Buchanan (Jimbo)
Feb 16 Lucille Mann
Feb 26 Arline L. Van Dellen
Mar Jim Neill
Mar 02 Marie G. Phillips
Mar 03 Mrs. Diane Rene
Mar 07 Jean Metcalfe
Mar 15 William Sheppard
Mar 19 Cecelia Robert
Apr 08 Jim Lane
Apr 17 Curtis R. Barfield
Apr 22 Daniel L. Green
Apr 29 Lawrence P. Benton
May 09 Maryanne Toto
May 13 Helen McAnn
May 20 Kenneth G. Kufahl
May 20 Ron Michaels
Jun 15 Jewell Waits
Jun 17 Geraldine Tasker
Jun 22 Dan-PA
Jun 22 Donna Hebert
Jul 02 Ruth Roetzer
Jul 09 Judi Sawyer
Jul 13 Stuart Simms
Jul 16 Lois Marie Hipps
Jul 22 Tonie McKown
July 24 Debby Thompson
Jul 31 Janet Young
Aug 01 Ron Opfell
Aug 02 Bill Gelina
Aug 23 Barbara A. Dyck
Aug 26 David Kittel
Aug 28 William Gelina
Aug 28 Jim Wilbur
Sep 22 Judy Schaefer
Sep 26 Schellevis
Sep 27 Dan Dilworth
Oct 11 William Buie
Oct 22 Miki Randler
Oct 30 Gretchen Piaseczny
Nov 08 Jim West
Nov 14 Brooks Best
Dec 02 Susan Greenberg (Madli)
Dec 03 Charles Streicher
Dec 06 Donalda Delorme
Dec 19 Carolyn Mooney,MD (Corky)


Jan Shiela Murphy
Jan 04 Tony Keith Acton
Jan 06 Shirley Brooks
Jan 07 Mary Frances Charls
Jan 11 Marlene Chandler (Molly)
Jan 13 Lindy-CA
Jan 17 Marsha Hearn (Lonedove)
Jan 17 Judy O'Byrne
Jan 20 Bruce Lambert
Jan 22 Betty Dykema
Jan 27 Mike Rossin
Feb 03 Lawrence Herbert (Buddy)
Feb 05 Marge Gould Eichel
Feb 10 Lohr Miller
Feb 11 Cheryl Estes
Feb 16 Normand Lizotte
Feb 17 Bob Baker
Feb 27 Barbara A. Hasenzahl
Mar 01 Art Sweet
Mar 01 Jim Rowley
Mar 02 Blaine L. Gerrish
Mar 03 Donna Clement
Mar 04 Joseph R. Olshan
Mar 09 Roz Parke
Mar 09 Martha June Smith
Mar 12 Vicky Scott
Mar 12 Wil Westra
Mar 20 Jerry Galloway
Mar 20 Jerry Galloway
Mar 20 Judith L. Caplinger
Mar 21 Mary Graham Worthy (Jane)
Mar 24 Helen Peggy Morguess
Mar 26 Betty Gillan
Mar 28 Genevieve Petruccelli
Apr Tom Brewer
Apr 04 Eva T. Meagher
Apr 05 Mike-RI
Apr 11 Doris DeWitt
Apr 17 Charlotte Rhodes
Apr 22 Sgt. Kyle A. Colnot
Apr 26 Alma Greene
May 06 Adrain VanVeen (Dutch)
May 06 Roberta Milligan
May 11 MJ Nolde
May 12 Marlene Bushee
May 22 Kenneth Sartin
May 24 Lorraine Marshall
May 26 Roberta McIntire
May 28 Allen Hudson
May 30 Charlie Armstrong
Jun 02 Ernest Canney, Jr. (Donald)
Jun 02 Sis Siebold
Jun 03 Nancy May Festa
Jun 09 Gene Burgeson
Jun 10 Simone Ploem
Jun 16 Nestoria Lucretia Gaines
Jun 18 Donna Oster
Jun 24 James O'Neill
Jul Vera Sims (Polly)
Jul 03 Phyllis Jean Chase
Jul 06 Dorothy May Miller
Jul 15 Jim-PA
Jul 19 Oliver Holmes
Jul 28 Grandma Sue
Aug Jim Allen
Aug 03 Annie Granger
Aug 08 Rich Landry
Aug 21 Phyllis Barbara Hykel
Aug 23 Sierra VanIttersum
Aug 24 Joe Sandler
Aug 30 Linda Impenna
Sep 04 Cynthia Lovelace
Sep 13 Joan E. Wisniewski
Sep 16 Melisa Michele Steinfeld Iturria
Sep 17 Dennis Mellinger
Sep 21 Edith Purcell
Sep 23 Doug Stone
Sep 24 Ned Berlin
Sep 24 Bob Osborn
Sep 24 Colleen DiLonno
Sep 30 Robert Rayburn
Oct 17 Bill Nunamaker
Nov 01 Charlie-MD
Nov 13 Salvatore Pace
Nov 20 Nina Carol
Dec 11 Bonnie Brown Winemiller
Dec 15 James Leon Rayburn
Dec 30 William F Ford and Marie Ford
(They both died weeks apart from COPD)


Jan 07 Jim Thrower
Jan 09 Betty Koehler
Jan 18 Al Koehler
Jan 18 Donna Castle
Jan 21 Bennie Westerman
Jan 26 Jeanne Coggins
Jan 26 Ed Lanker
Jan 31 Gail Johnson
Feb Nancy Turene
Feb 03 Marylin Leach
Feb 03 Chan Jo Scholl (Kym)
Feb 07 Rosalie Bowman
Feb 18 Teresa Ferguson
Feb 22 Marian Cole (Queen)
Feb 24 Louis Stice (Lou02)
Feb 26 Patricia A. O'Brien
Feb 27 Frances Garner
Mar Sharon Cohen
Mar 01 Susie Nali
Mar 03 Jim Kavalchek
Mar 05 Ramona Jenkins Frizell
Mar 06 Jane P. Pashkoff
Mar 06 Rosemary Peel
Mar 11 Mary Lou-MO
Mar 21 Ken Lewis
Mar 23 Ida Freedman
Mar 25 Ruth E. Cunningham
Mar 25 Robbie Toney
Apr 01 Blanka Michajlov
Apr 06 Norman Ball
Apr 07 Jon Wentzel
Apr 07 William Lord Hunnicutt
Apr 07 Christian E. Metz
Apr 08 Carol Anderson
Apr 09 John Eshleman
Apr 09 Jim Cudworth
Apr 15 Charles J. McManus
Apr 15 Laurene Rovegno
Apr 19 Mary Teresa Tape
Apr 20 Kendall G. Hardy Sr. (Ken)
Apr 20 Carole Anne Zappola
Apr 27 Patricia Burgess
Apr 30 John Eiler
Apr 30 Louis R. Bates
Apr 30 Patricia Veale
May 09 Dano Hartman
May 12 Doris Wagner
May 24 Mildred Pierson
May 26 Kathie Root (Ferret)
May 29 Astarsis Soemadijo
May 29 Donald J. Morin
May 31 Jim Douglas (Jed)
Jun 11 Johnny Moore
Jun 12 Barbara Peabody
Jun 14 Beverly Cole
Jun 23 Joe Bob Chance
Jun 30 Nancy C. Shore
Jul 01 James B. Derryberry
Jul 01 Selenda Josephine Larson
Jul 11 Alice Heil
Jul 16 Kelly May
Aug 01 Fay Casterline
Aug 10 Perry McDowell
Aug 17 Lynn Hensel
Aug 19 Mary Vincent
Aug 20 Betty Roney
Aug 27 Norma B. Brozyno
Sep 05 Roger Kollmann
Sep 06 George R. Sharpe (Poppy)
Sep 10 Willson R. Brown
Sep 17 Mary Haney (Kathy)
Sep 18 Sue Henderson
Sep 25 Royden K. Beedy
Oct 04 Sheila Murphy
Oct 06 Kenneth Hartman
Oct 08 Frances Devigne
Oct 11 Melvyn Hilton Cadd
Oct 11 Brenda Y. Henson
Oct 12 Patricia Blackburn (osceolateacher)
Oct 14 Neta Barton
Oct 17 Andrea Burger
Nov Guy Merkle
Nov 09 Margo Colemore-Madison
Nov 16 Bjorn Ake Andersson
Nov 17 Bob Wright
Dec 15 Bud Renfrow
Dec 17 Bill Heffner
Dec 24 Emogene Layne
Dec 24 Charlotte Werblun
Dec 27 Sharon-NC
Dec 31 Don Augustino


Jan 04 June Ware
Jan 12 Richard Reish
Jan 12 Herbert James Berg
Jan 14 Tim Cochran
Jan 15 Patricia Corcoran
Jan 21 Karen B. Karafa
Jan 26 William F.Mack
Jan 26 Felix P. Grudziecke
Feb 03 Evelyn Wright
Feb 11 Bobby Max Lemon
Feb 12 Jim Culpepper
Feb 12 Steve Knight (Stevo)
Feb 16 Sammy Fisher
Feb 16 John Fitzsimmons
Feb 16 Russ Adair
Feb 19 Gayle Gaddie
Feb 23 Vince Neill
Feb 25 Becky McDermott
Feb 27 Betty Braun
Feb 27 Betty Hogeland
Feb 28 Dean Maurer
Feb 29 Charles J. Lambert
Mar 02 Bill Harbour
Mar 10 Bernice L. Barnhartm
Mar 12 Olivija Gwynne
Mar 12 Muriel Pappas
Mar 18 L. E. Wilson
Mar 26 Glenn Callaway
Mar 27 Caroline Schauffler
Mar 27 Jeanne Sundstrom
Apr 02 Harold Matthews
Apr 03 Sally Cameron (sisterseawind)
Apr 03 Jean Perkin Mayers
Apr 12 Mary Price
Apr 14 Catherine Krebs
Apr 18 Judy-OH
Apr 22 Rev. William Thielen (Bill)
Apr 28 Judith Torre
Apr 30 Ken Baareman
May Valerie Ann Turner
May 02 Edward George Vossler
May 04 Marianne Harrop
May 04 Richard Goodman
May 06 Madeline Dragonetti
May 08 Virginia Lee Fiehler
May 10 Monarie Eagle
May 12 Susan Nielsen
May 14 Opal Gosset
May 20 Bud Hammond (Hambone)
May 24 Janet K. Abel
May 25 Mickey McManus
Jun 01 Patricia A. Schopen
Jun 07 Dorothy Bird
Jun 08 Edith R. Murray (Edie)
Jun 10 John Peterson
Jun 13 Christine Yolanda Thigpen
Jun 16 Larry Duchene
Jun 16 Dr. Sandra Cavanaugh-Bjorklun
Jun 30 DJ-OR (Darla)
Jul 02 Pat Turner
Jul 05 Clarence Lathrop (Sonny)
Jul 17 Andrea J. Bauman
Jul 20 Betty Fitzsimmons
Aug 15 Donna J. Baker
Aug 18 Alma Kellogg
Aug 18 Wendy F. Drayton
Aug 19 Keith Fort
Aug 21 Jean Thompson
Aug 22 Patricia Ann Hicks Boyle
Aug 24 Bruce McCormick
Sep 18 Katie Zeitler
Sep 19 Jeanne Dotson
Sep 21 Edgar Pim
Oct 01 Dan Hadiaris
Oct 04 Phyllis Van-Stenbridge Eardley
Oct 06 Jerry Murchison
Oct 09 Ralph Lange
Oct 09 Fridolf O. Lundell (Peacewolf)
Oct 11 Gerald Streitmatter
Oct 17 Connie McBride
Oct 17 Karen Hamilton
Oct 19 Margaret Davis
Oct 26 John Sterrett
Oct 27 Eunice W. Chambers
Oct 27 Roy Shrader
Nov 02 Eddie Pokorny
Nov 03 Mildred Bustin Gallo (Chris)
Nov 04 Lee Matson
Nov 07 Judy Wallace
Nov 08 Pat Fuhrer
Nov 11 Lillian Warren
Nov 12 Sherry Stevenson
Nov 12 Dean Davis
Nov 13 Dale Humphrey
Nov 14 Gail Elsa Wohltmann
Nov 14 Don Wright
Nov 18 Eileene Smith
Nov 20 Patricia Edith Barker (Pat)
Nov 23 Jane Gillette
Nov 25 Pris Gray
Nov 26 Patricia Shultz
Nov 28 Lee Field
Dec 02 Gary L. Ragsdale
Dec 03 Dorothy Luttrell (Dot)
Dec 04 Robert Raymond Chapman
Dec 05 Eleanor Owles Woodnick
Dec 06 Ginny Simonalle
Dec 12 Brenda Keys
Dec 13 Bette Morgan
Dec 20 Marion Sharkey
Dec 21 Bill Miller
Dec 22 Carolyn-FL (Grits)
Dec 24 Helen Y. Chadwick
Dec 27 William Attebury (Buzz)
Dec 27 Greg Crowden
Dec 28 Gary Musfelt


Jan 22 Jerri Heppi
Jan 26 Bill Owens
Jan 29 Larry Arley
Feb Toby Marx
Feb 07 George Leslie
Feb 07 Mary Ann Burkhead
Feb 08 Helen Westra
Feb 12 James Woodson (PkSlim)
Feb 13 Orrin Burgett
Feb 14 Tom Davis Sr.
Feb 15 Marie Dubose
Feb 20 Sandra Lister
Feb 21 Tadashi Andres Mayeda
Feb 21 Nancy Majava
Feb 26 William R. Christensen
Feb 27 M. Don Robinson
Mar Mary Church
Mar 01 Elizabeth White (Betty)
Mar 06 Dorothy Hildner
Mar 07 Tim Jones
Mar 10 Patricia S. Kelly
Mar 15 Carole Lawrence
Mar 17 Richard E. Chase (Dick)
Mar 18 Patricia Martin
Mar 27 Esther Knight
Mar 28 Piety Carr
Mar 30 Bill Horden
Mar 31 Diane Gordon
Apr Roz Raymond
Apr Ellen Van Dyke (Ellen)
Apr Bill Werner
Apr 01 Kenneth Huffman
Apr 10 Elmer Camp
Apr 15 Francis W. Allen
Apr 16 Michael E. Greathouse
Apr 25 Billie Mahaffey
Apr 25 Rose Caroline Amaral Passetti
May 02 Peg Lemcke
May 08 Don Martin
May 10 Bobby Dean Wilkins
May 16 Susan Agoes
May 24 Webb McNeil
May 28 Bryan Richardson
May 28 Michael James Sullivan
May 29 Maryth Robinson
Jun 01 Doug Allred
Jun 01 Bill Denecke
Jun 12 Eleanor Griffin
Jul R. Douglas Rader
Jul 03 Norma Inman
Jul 08 Jane Flagg
Jul 08 Dotti Gabel
Jul 11 Louise DiMaio (Daisy Lou)
Jul 14 George S. Weary
Jul 17 John VanCise
Aug 26 Syd Fletcher
Sep 01 Stevia Walker
Sep 01 Michael Golda
Sep 09 Gail St. Germain
Sep 12 Ivan Mannering
Sep 14 James V. Henrietta
Sep 15 Dixie McVay
Sep 15 Grant Fishell
Sep 20 Laura Lee Pelton
Sep 21 Charlie Thompson (Hillbilly)
Sep 23 Stephanie Parker
Oct 02 Gerald Christopher Ryan
Oct 12 Rev. Kenneth Wright
Oct 14 Eddie Hansen
Oct 21 Patrick Hosier
Oct 24 Ed-MA
Nov 03 Beatrice Jaffee
Nov 05 Bob Blackburn
Nov 06 Bill Lyons
Nov 14 Richard Bowers
Nov 15 Lance Woodard
Nov 18 Kathryn Jones
Nov 20 Lee Phillips
Nov 22 Patsy Kye
Nov 22 Doris Troutman
Nov 23 Jerry Mueller
Nov 27 Saundra Roberts
Nov 30 Jane Gardner
Dec Doris Mangiarelli
Dec Floyd Hullander
Dec Terry Hullander
Dec 04 Tommy Allen (Jtommy3rd)
Dec 05 Elston Brown (Pete)
Dec 14 Derek Evans
Dec 17 Jo-Von Tucker
Dec 24 Tom Partlow
Dec 24 Charles Bragg
Dec 26 Wayne A. Litzenberger


Jan 08 Freddie Holder
Jan 10 Jean Rod (Bama)
Jan 25 Gerry DiBuono
Jan 31 Wanda Anne Hanson Reed Hagan
Feb Sandi Niles
Feb Jeanne Deshotel
Feb 09 D. G. McNeill (Dave)
Mar Donna Wall
Mar Marie Bouchard
Mar Pat Ayotte
Mar Alice Tatroe
Mar 01 Florence E. Joslyn
Apr Irma S. Olive
May 14 Mike Cole
May 20 Alma Lois Hanson Spikes Beall
May 28 George-Tx
Jun Linda Diorio
Jun Lynn Anderson
Jun Beverly Kasper
Jun 06 Kent Youmans
Jun 22 Julie Wilson
Jul Tom Braun
Jul 14 Elaine Robinson
Aug Sherrie Peak
Aug 02 Ervin Kehler
Aug 08 Sue Strotheide
Aug 13 Jackie Lehde (Nibbi)
Sep Jay Galgay
Sep 04 Julian Bailey
Sep 09 Thomas David Woodring
Sep 17 Phyllis Braley
Sep 23 Roger David Murray, Sr.
Sep 26 Jennifer Zaniboni
Sep 26 Bill Owen
Sep 27 Eileen Lanam (Sarahrose1)
Sep 28 Jane Brown
Oct 09 Lucille Guthrie
Oct 10 Mimi Bird
Oct 11 Karen Norberg (Ladybob)
Nov Gwen Pence
Nov 06 Walter G. Presley (Papoo)
Nov 09 Norma Carney
Nov 23 Barb Skelton (Barbske)
Nov 26 Ruby Roberts Meeks
Nov 30 Henry White
Dec Troy Hullander
Dec 08 Laura Cehlarik
Dec 12 Bill Wells
Dec 26 Sandra England


Jan Lillian M. Erskine
Feb 14 Clyde D. Rester
Mar 03 Margaret Hammonds
Apr 16 William Powell (Bill)
Apr 17 Gil
Apr 17 Betty Brown
May Leona
Jun Bob Locke
Jun 02 Harry Schetter
Jun 07 Barbara S.
Jun 23 Geno Falcione
Aug Evelyn Higley
Aug Susan Kirby
Aug Julie Pattol
Aug 14 Jack Blake
Nov 26 Marge Esposito
Dec Clarence DeVoy (Bud)
Dec Edith McMaster
Dec Lyn Tutor
Dec Naomi Garner
Dec Joyce Grim
Dec Stewart Nash
Dec Devonne Swafford
Dec Judie L. Winston


Jan 01 Ron Rose
Jan 06 Sam Pollard
Jan 07 Ed Motter
Jan 11 Barbara Nelson
Jan 15 Elena Dinallo
Jan 15 Glenda Jones
Jan 20 Michael Wagner (Mick)
Feb 02 Paul Marks
Feb 02 Elizabeth Norat (Elly)
Feb 04 John Dixon
Feb 14 Lillie Rogers
Feb 27 Bruce Crane
Feb 27 Vicki Mannion-Barnes
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Mar 08 Audrey Murphy
Mar 09 Renee Phillips
Mar 14 Pat Koehler (txnana)
Mar 22 Fern Archambeault
Mar 26 Jim Watson
Mar 26 Nancy Ferguson
Apr 06 James Waymire
Apr 09 Terry Glenn
Apr 11 Keri John
Apr 12 Veneta Joyce Clarida
Apr 15 Ken Fejii
Apr 20 Julie Patterson
Apr 22 Beth Helmert
May 07 Chuck Ford
May 14 Cathy Foreman
May 17 Sandy Scarboro
May 31 Betty Ackhart
Jun Sue Meeuwissen
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Oct 02 Linda Higbee
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Oct 21 Patsy Ruff
Oct 24 Dick Yeager
Oct 26 Dorly Phillips (Dee)
Nov 18 David Cloud
Dec 03 Felicitas Ocampo (Lizette)
Dec 04 Nancy Voyles
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Dec 21 Virgie Kester
Dec 22 Dennis Weber
Dec 24 Rachel LALouie
Dec 24 Gary Carter
Dec 30 James Sherman


Jan 04 Claude Baril
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Prior Years

1998   Aug 23 Bud Ellis
Aug 25 Annetta Tacke Hammersmith
Nov 28 Brenda Hoilman
Dec 14 Margaret Ann Sheargold
1997   Mar 15 Frances Davidson
1996   Feb 16 Mary Vivian Mc Gall
May 09 Lois McGarrigle
1995 Josephine St.George
Feb 05 William Phillipi (Bill)
Mar 19 Allen E. Morse
Dec 15 Jesse P. Bailey
Dec 30 Marguerite S. Litzenberger
Dec 30 Sue Ellen Smalley
1994   Jan  12 Robert Hammonds
Feb 24 Francis Keith Acton
Jul   14 George W. McMillan
1993 K. Rudolph Petty
Feb 27 Elsie Hott Bowley Locke
1992   Oct  11 Mathilde Worley
1990   Mar 15 Homer Boyles
Oct  07 Mary Jane Littlepage Swann
1986 Jesse J. Rader
Apr  23 William J. La Salle
1985   Mar 18 Roy Harris Buie
Apr  15 Frank Reddish Sr.
1984   Nov 02 Winnie Veale
1983   Mar 05 Robert Lee Roark
1982   Feb Chester L. Erskine
Nov 07 Frankie Reddish
1981   Apr Robert Julius Beasley
Sep 20 Claude Veale
1972 Clarence Lusk
1969   Dec Christine Rader Beasley
Dec 23 William Joseph Braun
1963   Nov Mary Lou Radern
1961   Dec John Tacke
1956   Dec 28 Joseph R. La Salle